Industrial Air Conditioning Installation Repair and Maintenace

Industrial air-conditioning facilities implies a use of equipment rather serious power and cooling and maintenance of certain temperature parameters over large areas (100 or more square meters).

The main requirements that apply to the system of industrial air-conditioning of buildings, linked to three factors.

Installation of Industrial Air Conditioners

Installation of Industrial air conditioning equipment - an essential component of success. Installation of complex climatic equipment by unskilled installers - it is very dangerous and as a rule, they do not give a guarantee on their work.

Therefore, we recommend that you always have to deal with serious specialized companies like Air Track  that carry full warranty for the entire result of their work, namely for performance established technique in normal mode.

Repair & Maintenance of Industrial Air Conditioners

Air Conditioning, often, split-system are expensive high-tech device that requires special care and compliance with operating rules. Conditioners often work under increased loads, particularly during hot weather to a temperature higher than 32  C. Peak load and lack of proper care for the air conditioning often lead to its failure.

Repair of air conditioner business responsible, which, above all, important to observe the technology of repair, quality of used spare parts and components, the level of training of maintenance personnel.

Our service center provides guarantee on repairs Manufactured up to three years, thanks to the responsibility, the quality of parts and high qualification of our hvac technicans

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