Cooling Forumulas

Gross btu/hr = net btu/hr + (blower motor watts x 3.413) *only if the blower motor is in the air stream

EER = net btu/hr / total watts

Latent Cooling Capacity = 1061 x lbs.\hr

Super Heat and Subcooling

Generally excepted values – 10-15 degrees each

Superheat = suction line temperature – suction pressure converted to saturation temp.

Subcooling = liquid pressure converted to saturation temp. – Liquid line temp.

Basic cooling capacity formula

ΔH = btu/lb entering - btu/lb leaving

net capacity (btu/hr) = (unit cfm / ft3/lb of leaving air)x 60 x ΔH

gross capacity = net capacity + blower motor btu's

The Calculating tool uses both quantitative data and qualitative information covering HVAC design, installation and operation to benchmark energy efficient performance and identify potential areas for improvement.

AC cooling load


AC Heating Load


HVAC Efficenet

Conversion Tool

User warning: all this results are based on quick estimate calculation. Exact heat /cool load can be determined with a full heat and cool load analysis

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